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Iron Man Footage from San Diego Comic Con

Despite being an avowed comics fan, despite having embryonically been imbued with a certain degree of inherent gooberism in my first job (a comic book store), I tend not to pay much attention to upcoming comic movie releases. Generally speaking, I know what to expect: popcorn fodder, flotsam fun but ultimately forgettable. Hollywood’s figured out the comic book formula and I’m fine with it.

But one movie I have been looking forward to is the upcoming Iron Man. What’s weird about it is that I don’t even like Iron Man as a comic book character very much: he’s always been one of Marvel’s least interesting superheroes to me.

Shove a guy into a metal suit of power armor in a comic book and I don’t care. But cram Robert Downey Jr. into a metal suit and classily play Black Sabbath as he starts punching bad guys through a wall? I start gibbering like a loon. And gibber I did when I saw the above footage from last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, played before a screaming crowd of fans.

I might not be a fan of Iron Man but everything about this looks like preview looks like they are nailing it: from Downey’s charmingly caustic yet arrogant portrayal of Tony Stark, to the prototype armor Stark uses to break out of the Afghani terrorist camp where he’s being held hostage. My only complaint might be that I actually like the look of that armor a hell of a lot more than the shimmering red-and-gold model: I’d pay double to see an entire film of Stark smacking bad guys around while wearing that Cold War era bad boy.

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