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Ingmar Bergman: Great Man Dies: His Legend Grows

Today, Ingmar Bergman, one of the great masters of modern films, died at 89 on the Swedish isle of Faro.  Film fans like me are sad, down in the dumps sad.  I can’t recall anyone as influential as was Bergman – maybe Kurasawa.

I’ll be watching The Seventh Seal, Winter Light or Autumn Sonata tonight — to remember. Here are seven facts about Bergman that we should be reminded of on this day.

-Woody Allen considered him to be the best film artist who ever lived.
-Bergman’s films were about "the relationship between the sexes, and the relationship between mankind and God."

Hit the jump for 5 more Bergman facts.

The Seventh Seal, where Death plays chess in Atlantic City, even made it into comedies like Diner.
Bergman’s dad was a minister, and young Ingmar hit the road with dad as he preached.
– His boss once described him as “shabby, rude and scampish with a laugh born out of the darkest depths of the inferno.”
– Three Bergman films won the Oscar for Best Foriegn Language Film.  My pick? Fanny and Alexander.
– His longtime cinematographer, Sven Nyqvist, was "the master of light"
who helped to make Bergman’s movies haunting and memorable.

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