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Harry Potter & the Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan

FrenchHow do you know a movie or series like Harry Potter has become classic?  By the satires that pop up on the Web and in popular culture in general.  In Harry’s case, maybe the best of the sendups is Harry Potter & the Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan from the British sketch comedy duo French & Saunders.

Presented in four parts on YouTube, what was original a complex Comic Relief sketch sees Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders (remember AbFab?) present a Harry Potter who discovers he’s a girl.  And Saunders’ as a brooding J.K. Rowling is perfect in this Best in Show-like mockumantary.   And Ray Fiennes as Alan Rickman’s Snape is so spot-on egotistical, you won’t stop laughing.  And that’s just the first segment.  The rest are equally laugh-out-loud hilarious.  Check it out now!

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