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Galaxiki: Collaborative Fictional SciFi Universe

Galaxy_lgIt’s Wikipedia gone galactic: Galaxiki is a community-based site in which a fictional online galaxy is populated with stars, solar systems, planets and other solar bodies in online collaboration.

That’s not terribly impressive in and of itself. Short of would-be role-playing deities, the idea of creating hunk after hunk of barren, lifeless rock is pretty low on the list of extracurricular pursuits for most people; but, Galaxiki is going straight for the jugular of the mythos-obsessed sci-fi fan. They are encouraging users to not just create planets, but the history of that planet, its lifeforms and civilizations. Additionally, a central conceit of the Galaxiki site is that faster-than-light travel is possible.

I really think this is cool: what Galaxiki is doing is presenting sci-fi fans a community tool to create their own open source, Creative Commons science fiction mythos. It would really be excellent to see this take off and actually inspire science fiction films and stories in its own right. I’ve long been interested in seeing how collaboratively edited fiction would fare: I may be about to have my answer.

Galaxiki [Official Site] (via Posthuman Blues)

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