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Explore The ‘Verse With Blue Sun Travel


One of the things I love most about the fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly is the way they have managed to extrapolate an entire universe out of a show that lasted only 14 episodes and inspired only one admittedly excellent film, Serenity.

Combing through the backgrounds on their DVDs, freeze framing every other second, inspecting the background props with a scholar’s eye, they’ve managed to absorb the full richness of the Firefly universe. And while I’m not that obsessed by anything, I admire their dedication: Firefly fans are keen.

I’m enough of a Firefly fan, then, enjoy these posters for the Blue Sun Travel Agency, encouraging Alliance citizens to backpack through the often dangerous and Reaver-infested ‘Verse. You, too, can visit Persephone, or Serenity Valley National Park, or partake of the tea ceremony (and maybe a little bit more) at the Companion Guild House on Sihnon.

The posters are gorgeously designed, too. Properly framed, any one of them could hang in a Parisian intellectual’s loft, betraying him as a sci-fi dork only to those of a similar temperament. Very sweet.

Serenity Poster Set – Explore the Verse with Blue Sun Travel [Forbidden Planet, via their blog]

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