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D’Oh! Simpsons Movie A Future Classic?

When The Simpsons Movie opens this weekend, I’ll be so there.  As I chomp Starburst fruit chews while I sit in the theater, I’ll be wondering, is Matt Groening’s big screen creation a future classic?  Groening and his cohorts have said that they waited so long to do the movie because they wanted to get it right.  God, I hope they’re right.

By all early accounts, especially the rah-rah ones on Aint It Cool, you’ll be laughing in the aisles, busting a gut for a while thereafter.  Still, the impending release of the flick begs the question, can an animated movie be a truly classic movie?  You can say that Pixar’s Toy Story is a children’s classic, wonderfully told and rendered as it is.  But can it go up against the big boys? 

Can an animated movie like The Simpsons Movie ever be nominated and win the Oscar for best picture?  An animated film has never won the Big Kahuna, not once in the history of the Academy Awards.  Isn’t it time for a change?  I mean, Woo-hoo! Isn’t it time for the Academy to be more open-minded instead of relegating animation to its own category?  I’m just asking.

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