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Company Announces ‘Jetsons-Like’ Flying Car


The flying car, as a concept, has always seemed to me to be fraught with peril. Oh, sure, it looks good on paper: to pilot one’s own Jetson-like, bubble-domed saucer through the skies. But then you consider humanity’s collective propensity for grokking spatial relationships and geometrical problems and you are filled with despair.

How many times have you seen a withered, chicken-like octogenarian attempt to parallel park in a space three sizes too small by the stratagem of smashing the grillwork of the surrounding cars into smoking, gasoline-spurting smithereens? Now imagine that same woman strapped to a shrieking chassis of counter-gravitational metal filled with highly-explosive rocket fuel, to zoom through the heavens at 1000 miles per hour, weaving between skyscrapers and under bridges. In the world of flying cars, a fender bender means a three-ton chunk of flaming metal hurtling out of the sky at the vehicle’s velocity + 32 miles per second per second. Not pleasant to think about.

Still, Moller International seems excited about their flying car. They have announced that they are starting production of their “Jetsons-like M200G volantor, a small airborne two passenger saucer-shaped vehicle that is designed to take-off and land vertically.” However, it’s not truly a flying car: the maximum altitude is 10 feet off the ground. And it’s not going to be truly Jetsons-like until I can jettison my obnoxious children from the vehicle’s underbelly before folding it up into a suitcase and taking it to work.

The Jetsons Car We’ve Been Waiting For? [Paleo-Future]

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