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Clips: Star Trek Adventure at Universal Studios

In the early 90’s, Universal Studios — in collaboration with Paramount Pictures — undertook a bold experiment: could you make millions by offering pasty, sunken-chinned sci-fi dorks the opportunity to play Kirk and Spock in an embarrassing blue-screen Star Trek adventure?

Although the Star Trek Adventure at Universal Studios is long since defunct, this marvelously dorky video remains as testament to the project’s existence. The idea was simple: dress-up two park goers in Starfleet outfits. Slap plastic Vulcan ears on one of them. Sit them down in front of a blue screen. Have them wildly gesticulate, then badly superimpose pre-recorded footage of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner in front of them. Slap it onto a VHS tape and collect 20 bucks.

The uploader of the video, YouTube user MartyMcFly32, explains:

The Summer of 1994 my Mother and I went to Orlando to Universal Studios, a trip I had wanted to have for a long time prior if for no other reason but to go on the Back To The Future ride. While we were there we found a video souvenir place that can put you ‘into the movies’. All they had was Star Trek and though I was a modest fan of the films I wanted to do it anyway, problem was this required two people, one for the role of Captain and one as the Vulcan. My Mother really didn’t want to do it but it was that or some stranger from the park be in my video so I convinced her to do be the Vulcan.

It’s very corny at times because we couldn’t see what was going on, we were told where to stand and what to say, etc all without knowing the consequences. Eventually I loosen up and start having fun and ignoring the corny direction I was given by the guy working the video.

He’s a braver man than I am, committing his dorkiness to posterity like this. God bless him.

Star Trek Adventure At Universal Studios (1994) [YouTube]

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