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Classic Or Crap? YouTube Potter/Phoenix Parodies

Oh, you muggles.  Judging from the many Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix parodies on YouTube, everyone wants to be a director.  Or, everyone wants to be Harry Potter.  Or both.  I mean, wouldn’t you want to live in Harry Potter’s world where centaurs come alive and magic is at your beck and call?  Can’t live there?  Make believe you do in a satire.

From the not-so-subtly sublime to the wonderfully ridiculous, check out these video parodies after the jump.

The Pun Lover — Here, Harry Potter is a lowly cashier in a burger joint, and the phoenix, who comes in to order, has a ton of, well, issues.

Anime Lover’s Phoenix
— OK, I love anime as much as the next ninja, but making Sasuke Uchiha from the Naruto series into Harry is a little forced.

Barry Trotter and the Order of the Dolphin — Wow. This eight-minute (so long for YouTube and this is just Part One) satire is just this guy Trotter and his pals having a little fun with the Potter mythos.  I love the witchy screams of the wigged kid who plays the stepmom.  Hilarious.

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