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Amazon Top 10 List Filled With Sci-Fi

Picture_12Amazon has released their list of the Top 10 Fantasy and SciFi Genre Related DVD Sellers in June, 2007. Here’s the list:

10 – Eureka – Season 1
9 – Smallville – Season 6
8 – Pans Labyrinth
7 – Ghost Rider
6 – Babylon 5: The Lost Tales
5 – Stargate Atlantis – Season 3
4 – Lost – Season 3
3 – Bridge to Terabithia
2 – Heroes – Season 1
1 – Stargate SG-1 – Season 10

It is absolutely insane how mainstream science-fiction has gotten: almost all of the top ten genre DVDs are sci-fi television season DVD sets (including Stargate SG-1, which was recently canceled).

What we’re looking at is not only a renaissance of science-fiction in Hollywood, but a new business model for television: it’s getting to the point where a weekly episode is just an hour-long trailer for the eventual DVD release. At what point will television shows be cancelled or renewed based solely upon the last season’s DVD sales?

Top 10 Genre Related DVD Sellers in June 2007 [Slice of SciFi]

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