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Aliens in Postal Stamps


The Fortean Times has posted online a gorgeous gallery of stamps around the world dedicated to UFOlogy, aliens and science fiction television and movies.

UFO themed stamps seem like they’d be dust in the craw of the manic UFO conspiracy theoriest. After all, for the frantic believer in sinuous Grays and their rectal probing devices, the UFO is a completely real phenomenon that the government meticulously covers up. You’d think the last thing they’d do is slap some aliens on a stamp (which is, in a way, a form of government currency).

But what’s that, bright-eyed UFOlogist? That’s exactly the reason the government conspiracy is so insidious? And didn’t the US Government also slap an Egyptian pyramid on the one dollar bill, knowing full well that it’s extraterrestrial architecture, a la Stargate? I admit, you’ve got me there.

Check out the full gallery for more (registration required). There’s some really lovely Dalek and War of the World Stamps along with the more Streiberesque variety.

The Stamp Collector’s Guide To The Galaxy [Fortean Times]

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