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Academy Is More Than Just Oscar

You’ve watched the Academy Awards.  You’ve loved some of it and you’ve been bored by a lot of it, too.  But did you know that the Academy offers you a lot more than watching the stars vie for a gold-plated britanium 8.5 pound statuette once each year?

For instance, the Academy hosts a ton of events that classic movie lovers like you will pretty much drool over.  They’ve already sold out an event featuring Alfred Hitchcock’s home movies.  But you can still get tickets in Los Angeles for Movies on the Mind, which "surveys the history of motion pictures with an eye towards exploring
the psychological impact that movies have on their viewers as well as
the psychological states and disorders that have long fascinated
screenwriters, directors and actors alike."  I love a creepy museum show like this!  Can’t make it to La La Land?  There’s a lot about the exhibit online.

Hit the jump to get the skinny on another terrific Academy event.

In the Grand Lobby of the Academy, you can see a rate exhibit of Barbra Stanwyck movie posters.  Although Stanwyck’s old school, the four-time Oscar nominee, who starred in Sorry, Wrong Number and Double Indemnity, has always been a cool and powerful actress in my book.  As Time said, "Sex appeal was a weapon for the Stanwyck character; flirtation
was a gambit; conquest was power."  Check out the exhibit if you’re in Hollywood this summer.

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