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A SciFi Start to Rocky Horror Show

Anyone who has ever gotten drunk on a Friday night with a girl they really like and allowed her to convince them to dress up in drag, put on her lipstick and go to a midnight matinee has seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That means we’ve had a big lipstick V scrawled on our forehead, been marched up in front of a screaming, smelly audience and called a Virgin, then had a bright red balloon meant to represent a cherry popped between our legs. It’s a rite of passage.

It also means that we’re familiar with the opening song to The Rocky Horror Picture Show: "Science Fiction/Double Feature." But the beginning clip that accompanies it wasn’t the original idea: it was meant to be similar to this fantastic assortment of clips, a throwback to classic sci-fi movies like The Day The Earth Stood Still, Flash Gordon, King Kong. Instead, it was lip-synced to the gorgeous, trashily kissable mouth of Patricia King. You can see that version here.

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