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1:1 Scale Giant Gundam Robot in Japan

You will have to grit your teeth and try to stomach the shrill, hyperventilating Japanese announcer for this clip — you know, if this woman was hosting my local news, I’d never need a sip of caffeine; her voice alone would cause my eyelids to suck back into my skull, like a window shade that has been pulled too hard — but for the tolerant or the deaf, this video clip has promise. It shows in detail the inside of a gigantic Gundam mecha.

The accurate model is part of a Gundam Crisis amusement attraction in Japan. It’s a 1:1 scale model of the RX78 mecha. According to Danny Choo, it costs about 7 dollars to gain access to the attraction. Visitors are required to sit at a remote terminal and complete video game style missions. Those who are able to beat all the missions within 8 minutes are then allowed to go sit in the cockpit.

I’m sort of teeter-tottering here between a love for all giant robots and thinking this attraction is a huge rip-off. Even ignoring the fact that you pay 7 bucks and aren’t even guaranteed a chance to sit in the cockpit and make giant robot noises with your mouth, why is the robot laying flat on its back? It’s Gundam gone narcoleptic. When you pay to see a 1:1 scale model of a giant, ass-kicking robot, you sort of expect to see it tower above you, not stretched out like a log.

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