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World War II With Mechs: Marco Spitoni’s C.O.D.E. Guardian

One of the best sci-fi videos to come out of YouTube in recent months is Italian CGI director Marco Spitoni’s C.O.D.E. Guardian. This is the sort of film that Hollywood could only ruin: it’s the wet dream of speculative history fans. What if the Nazis had mounted an assault on America? And — instead of airplanes and battlecruisers and bombers — they instead used humongous, gas-powered mechs? What would the Allies do then?

No surprise, really. They’d unleash their own 200 foot tall mech robot to fight for truth, justice, mom, apple pie and everything else that makes America great. You! Ess! Ay!

For convenience, C.O.D.E. Guardian has been embedded into the post above (if you’re reading this via RSS, you’ll have to visit our site to see it). Otherwise, you can download the entire thing at Spitoni’s website.

Marco Spitoni [Official Site]

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