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Transformers: Then & Now


To prepare for the upcoming Stephen Spielberg / Michael Bay production of The Transformers (an unutterably bizarre creative pairing if there ever was one, as if Somerset Maugham paired up with Mickey Spillaine to write an off-Broadway musical version of Voltron), Revproject has posted an article comparing the original versions of the Autobots and Decepticons with their newest iterations.

Although I have seen the new designs before, seeing them side by side with the classic versions really just emphasizes how much personality has been lost. The new versions are less designed than over designed: by adding a thousand points of articulation to each Transformer, the humanity of the characters has been lost.

Perhaps that was the intent. In fact, I’m willing to bet it was: they wanted to emphasize the alien quality of the robots (which is certainly accentuated more in the Decepticons than in the Autobots, giving credence to the idea that we’re meant to root for the more “human” of the pair). But when I look at the new designs, I don’t see giant robots: I just see giant, jagged thorn bushes of metal.

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