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Steampunk Star Wars


Star Wars is no stranger to steampunk: it is a short conceptual hyperdrive leap from the rusty, disrepaired technology of the original trilogy to steam-powered Millennium Falcons.

But artist Marcel E. Mercado’s series of steampunk illustrations of Star Wars characters may be the best I’ve seen yet. He envisions Rebel Pilots as the Sky Captains of the Alliance, Chewbacca as a humanoid rastafarian ruffian in the absinthe bar of Mos Eisley and a brass-masked Vader decked out in the trappings of a Prussian general.

Looking at work like this, I always get wistful: if only George Lucas would authorize a remake of the original film, with designs incorporating the grungy brass, swaggering gentleman bravado and mottled Victorian futurism of the steampunk aesthetic. More than any other science-fiction film, Star Wars feels like it was meant to take place in a steampunk universe.

Marcel E. Mercado’s Steampunk Star Wars [ImagineFX]

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