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Giant Monsters on the Streets of LA: This Means D-War!

Please take a moment to remember the name of this blog.  It’s Monsterfest, not Kittenfest or Derek Jeterfest, but Monsterfest.  It’s actually been a while since we’ve had a giant monster storm the streets of a major American city, but thanks to the makers of the upcoming D-War, Los Angeles is gonna get it and they’re gonna get it good.  D-War is actually a Korean-made film shot primarily in English and in the U.S., but based loosely on Korean legend, although who really cares about that?  This movie has a giant serpent rampaging on the streets of L.A., something we’ve long dreamed about, but have never seen realized until now.

Even though D-War has apparently been completed for a while, it’s only coming out now because the producers wanted to sell the film internationally first in order to stop piracy.  It’s scheduled to open some time in August via Freestyle Releasing, but the official website and posters have just hit the web.  Just look at these beauties.  Aren’t giant monsters a wonderful thing?  Check out the trailer after the jump and don’t deny to me that you really want to see this movie.

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