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Galactus Done In The Style Of Religious Pamphlet


There’s a lot of parallels between God and Galactus, the Consumer of Worlds. Both are, after all, gigantic old men who live in the sky. Both are immortal. Both are omnipotent. God was written about by prophets (Moses, Elijah, John, Peter); so was Galactus (Stan Lee). And while Galactus gets points for being a flashier dresser, Jehovah leaps ahead when it comes to inventing sex, beer and Taco Bell bacon cheeseburger burritos… which, for the record, are as sublime a combination as they all are individually.

Now they have another thing in common: both have had religious tracts done about their gospel by illustrator Jack Chick.

In the wonderful Stan Lee/Jack Chick team-up ‘Galactus Is Coming!’ , Dr. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four explains to a multi-ethnic gang of children the dangers of underestimating the power of malevolent cosmic entities that live in outer space and want to kill you. Which, if you think about it, is really what the Bible was getting at all along.

Galactus Is Coming [Your Mom’s Basement]

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