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DIY Guide To Becoming A Posthumanist Cyborg


The posthumanist movement is based on a rather intuitive but fairly frightening theory: that as flesh mechanics become more and more sophisticated and safe, people are going to want to upgrade their bodies like they upgrade PCs. Faster processors, new abilities and software that accentuate existing senses and even more radical departures from the traditional definition of humanity: for example, robot wings, or electronic sexual organs plugged into pleasure centers that allow the user to engage in entirely neural cybersexual intercourse.

Of course, all this stuff is still theoretical, but the posthumanist movement is gaining momentum. The goal is incredibly lofty: posthumanists won’t be satisfied until they can download their entire consciousness into a fresh mechanical body.

We’re not quite there yet, but the website Free Geekery has posted a DIY Guide to Becoming a Cyborg that provides ten practical ways to explore your posthumanist side today. From rocket boots that extend your jumping power to wearable computers to implanted RFID chips (and even wacky stuff like turn signals to be implanted in your ears), the guide’s an excellent look into the faltering first steps of what may very well be the future of humanity as an abstract.

DIY Guide to Becoming a (Real) Cyborg [Free Geekery]

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