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Video: Move Your Dead Bones!

OK, Todd, that vampire music video you foisted on us the other day was funny, I admit.  But I’m pretty sure I can do one better: "Move Your Dead Bones" from Beyond Re-Animator.

Shot in Spain and taking advantage of the then-strong U.S. dollar to build some very large sets and use well-known Spanish actors such as Santiago Segura and Elsa Pataky, Beyond Re-Animator was actually a big-budget movie. In an effort to market it, a music video was put together called "Move Your Dead Bones," from an artist called "Dr. Reanimator" (Any idea who this guy is?), and it was featured on the DVD for the film.  It’s got dancing zombies and dancing re-animators and is the silliest thing you’ll ever see.  Check it out after the bump and see if you agree.

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