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The Exorcist

Exorcist06 This Academy Award winner was the highest grossing movie of 1973, and one of the most controversial films ever to achieve wide-screen release.

The Synopsis: 12-year-old Blair is possessed by the Devil; her resulting metamorphosis turns her from a well-meaning pre-teen into a murderous, vomit-spewing hellhound. Once her nearest-and-dearest realize that her problems have less to do with medical science than the underworld, a dedicated priest is contracted to evict the Prince of Darkness from her body.

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About The Exorcist

1. The studio’s top choices to play ‘Chris MacNeil’ were Audrey Hepburn, Anne Bancroft and Jane Fonda.

2. The ‘Father Karras’ role attracted stars likes Paul Newman and Jack Nicholson, but director William Friedkin didn’t think a celebrity would be convincing as a clergyman.

3. Unable to imagine how a woman would think or behave, writer/producer William Peter Blatty decided to model ‘Chris MacNeil’ after his Hollywood neighbor – Shirley MacLaine.

4. Eerily, Jack MacGowran–the actor who played director ‘Burke Dennings’–died one week after finishing The Exorcist.

5. About 500 young actresses auditioned for the part of ‘Regan’ before director William Friedkin saw Linda Blair.

6. Writer/producer William Peter Blatty seriously thought of casting a midget to play ‘Regan.’

7. It took make-up artist Dick Smith three months to perfect ‘Regan’s’ demon face.

8. The prologue was filmed on location in Mosul, Iraq, which (at the time) was under the rule of Saddam Hussein’s predecessor, Ahman Hassan Bakr.

9. The 10-foot statue of the demon ‘Pazuzu’ was created in Burbank, CA, and shipped to the shooting location in Mosul. Instead, it somehow wound up in Hong Kong, delaying production for weeks.

10. The Exorcist was scheduled for an 85-day shoot on a budget of $4 million; instead, it wound up shooting for 200 days at an estimated cost of $12 million. Fortunately, it grossed a record-breaking $193 million in its initial domestic run.

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