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Shootout Producer’s Diary: Pursuing the Coens

Editor’s Note: Gary Marks, an executive producer with
AMC’s Shootout, is tracking his experiences doing the show from
Cannes.  His second entry follows.

am. I think it’s Day 3 here, but things started moving so quickly at some point that I lost track. Cannes has kicked in, and it’s becoming a blur: It lives up to the hype, both positive and negative. Our entire crew arrived yesterday, and we re-scouted all the locations. Everyone was very happy and the logistics started falling into place. The crew is great and game and we quickly became the kind of fun dysfunctional family that a crew can become, while the staff at home has worked very hard to pull off what we’re doing here.

Today we shoot B-roll —  the shots you see that give visual explanation to the interviews and narration. At 4 am, I set up our first interview with movie producer Arnold Rifkin for our online video coverage of Cannes, being produced by Mary Novak. Yesterday, Sarah Polley confirmed. She is a great
new filmmaker (and actress) and a juror this year, so she’ll be a good
interview. Our talent list now includes the Coen Brothers, Michael
Moore, Roman Polanski, Kurt Russell, William Friedkin, Harvey
Weinstein, and Sarah. Still after Daniel Craig and Martin Scorcese.
Last night, a great party at the Mint, a club in a villa where we’re
shooting a lot. The frenzy of putting together a show on the run is a
big rush, and I’m looking forward to the day.

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