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Shootout Producer’s Diary: The Interviews

Editor’s Note: This is the final post in the Shootout Blog coverage of Cannes 2007

I have slept. Finally. And I feel almost human again. I’ve never been through anything like it and having come out the other side, there’s a great feeling of relief and gratification.

It began with the hardly assured appearance of Roman Polanski on our set. He was in a good mood, delighted to see the Peters, as they were to see him. Then he sat down for the interview – forty-five minutes of compelling, witty, insightful discussion that made me proud to be associated with the show. Hugs all around, and Roman was gone.   We had time to shoot a couple of wraps (transitions) for the show, and then we had to quickly breakdown and head to the American Pavillion.

Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein. It was slightly overcast, which made it great to shoot out onto the ocean, where we were set up. It looked beautiful. Michael Moore is a huge star in France. He travels with security, so the Pavilion was packed. Again, a great interview. Guber and Bart asked intelligent, hard questions, and sparks flew. Guests usually appreciate the show because it is such a different interview than they are normally experiencing, and that was especially evident this week.

Frank Miller followed, and he was a character. Quirky, nervous energy and passionate about what he does.

Josh Greer and Sandy Kleiman, two of the producers on U23D. By this time, my head and body were beginning to part ways. I think they were very good, but my mind was taking a walk on the beach, downing mojitos.

We broke down the set and headed over to the Carlton hotel to interview Javier Bardem, star of the Coen Brothers’ “No Country For Old Men,” which I had already seen at the premiere. Well, some of it. I was so friggin tired I kept nodding off. (No comment on the film, it was great; but eyes can only stay open
so long.   

It is great to see Guber fired up about something. And he was fired up about Javier’s performance in the movie. And, as we got him while in the middle of a junket, Javier’s surprise about the high quality of Guber’s questions was measurable. They both enjoyed the interview.

And that was just Monday. Tuesday promised Kurt Russell, Martin Scorcese and William Friedkin.

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