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News Roundup: Raimi Talks “Evil IV”

Sam Raimi is starting to talk Evil Dead IV again.  Better follow through on that, Sam, or we won’t see Spider-Man IV.

The lovely and talented Julie Delpy will direct and star in a film about the infamous Countess Bathory, a woman who would bathe in the blood of women in an effort to stay young.  Lady, there are women living in Beverly Hills who are doing even worse than that as we speak.

80s fave The Monster Squad is finally coming to DVD this July.  But will it be called the "Wolfman’s Got Nards!" edition?

Blade II villain Luke Goss will be reuniting with Guillermo Del Toro to play the villain of Hellboy 2.  Hellboy 2 is coming! 

Speaking of reunions, Last House on the Left baddie David Hess will be reuniting with his House on the Edge of the Park director Ruggerio Deodato for the director’s upcoming sequel to his cult hit Cannibal Holocaust.

Clive Barker talks the upcoming Hellraiser remake, while Anchor Bay prepares a new 20th anniversary DVD of the original.  We’re not too keen on this remake idea, but since it’s you, Clive, we’re willing to give it a shot.

And speaking of Barker, several of his Books of Blood will finally be reaching the screen.  About bloody time!

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