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News Roundup: Beware “The Internet Killer”!

The Lost Boys 2 is finally happening, this time as a direct-to-DVD feature, and this time the vampires are all surfers.  Call us crazy, but we think they may not have much of a problem getting the Coreys back together for this one.

More sequels: Get ready for another Poltergeist, this time courtesy of original co-scripter Michael Grais.  At least it’s not a remake.

More on Eco-horror flicks, Cusack’s 1408 and an online-only horror movie after the jump.

The creepy Australian "animals gone wild" Eco-horror flick Long Weekend is being remade by Jamie Blanks,
the director of Urban Legend.  Considering how the environment is an
even bigger issue these days (not to mentions Australia’s current drought), this might be even more timely than the original.

Those waiting to see the new John Cusack/Stephen King adaptation 1408 are going to get to a little earlier, as it’s just been moved up to June 22 from its original July 13 date.  Advance word is promising.

Where can you see a double feature of A Clockwork Orange and Saw II, the feature-length version of Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, and Lucio Fulci’s House By The Cemetary all on the big screen?  Try The American Museum of the Moving Image’s upcoming horror festival next month.

Apparently not learning her lesson from The Reaping, Hillary Swank will be starring and producing a big-screen adaptation of John Marks’ vampire novel Fangland.  Well, she did make her film debut in Buffy The Vampire Slayer…

Word is coming down from scripter J.F Lawton that Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s upcoming Giant Monsters Attack Japan! will be aiming for a G or PG rating and will use actors in rubber suits and no CGI.  If only they could have convinced Roland Emmerich to have done the same.

Twisted Pictures, the company behind the Saw films, is planning an online horror movie called The Internet Killer
to be screened in daily 3-minute installments.  Is it about that
horribly disfigured madman who would creep up on people as they went
online and hack them to pieces?  The one who was never caught?  The one
who looks like… OH MY, HE’S BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW!

Made you look.

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