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Never Been Kissed


Do you remember your most embarrassing high school moment? Wish you could forget it? Imagine your worst freshman faux pas lasted a full four years, and that –just as you were just recovering from the depths of dorkitude–you were forced to dive headlong back into the hallowed halls of higher education.

The Synopsis: Drew Barrymore stars as Josie Geller, a sweetly precocious, frumpy copy editor with an ugly duckling past. When her editor-in-chief (Garry Marshall) decides to launch an expose on teen life, Barrymore is handpicked to be the paper’s undercover mole. Unthrilled about the prospect of reliving her awkward teen years (and being humiliated by the next generation’s popular kids), Barrymore seems at a loss. Still, with the help of her brother (David Arquette), an academic soul mate (Leelee Sobieski), and a particularly adorable English teacher (Michael Vartan), Barrymore may be able to transform her nightmare adolescence into the sweet dream of a of a happy adulthood.

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Never Been Kissed

1. Stars Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan are both high school dropouts.

2. The offices of The Chicago Sun-Times (i.e. the workplace of Drew Barrymore’s character) were recreated in a downtown Los Angeles building.

3. Michael Vartan, on what he looks for in a woman: “Curves, curves, curves. I like healthy, corn-fed women who aren’t afraid to have a steak, drink a cosmopolitan, and enjoy life.”

4. The same high school was used in Pretty in Pink and Teaching Mrs. Tingle.

5. Said Barrymore: “There are fears I still have from high school… I know what it feels like to be ugly, awkward, hated by kids your age. I went through so many years wondering, ‘Will I ever be the swan?’”

6. Never Been Kissed marked then-23-year-old Barrymore’s debut effort as a producer–as well as her 30th film as an actor.

7. Michael Vartan on kissing Drew Barrymore in the movie: “Oh my g-d! It was honestly one of the best kisses I’ve ever had.”

8. In 1994, Drew Barrymore started her own production company, Flower Films, in the laundry room of her house. Five years later, Flower Films produced its first movie: Never Been Kissed.

9. Barrymore assisted the producers of The Wedding Singer and Ever After in order to learn how to make a movie herself.

10. Drew Barrymore hosted Saturday Night Live in 1999 while promoting Never Been Kissed. During that episode, she kissed cast member Molly Shannon on camera.

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