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Independence Day

Whoever said that global warming will cause the destruction of our planet hasn’t seen a good alien movie. Independence Day (showing on AMC in May)– the archetype for modern-day apocalyptic thrillers — makes going green or planning a vacation in August seem like a waste of energy.

The Synopsis: Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum star in this 1996 blockbuster hit about what it’s like to not be alone in the universe. When alien spacecraft are spotted across the globe and quickly obliterate major cities, survivors head to Area 51 — the underground government headquarters for extraterrestrial monitoring. With the help of an ex-scientist (Goldblum), a wildly optimistic fighter pilot (Smith) and the President (Pullman) — who gives one heck of a rousing speech — all of humanity fights for their independence.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Independence Day
1. Director Roland Emmerich first got the idea for the film while fielding a question about the existence of alien life during promotion of his 1994 movie Stargate.

2. The final sentence of the President’s speech — "Today we celebrate our Independence Day!" — was added at the last minute to convince 20th Century Fox to fight for the legal right to name the film, Independence Day.

3. This film holds the record for most miniature modelwork, and more miniatures were used than in any other two films combined. Due to digital technology advancements, experts believe this record will stand forever.

4. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears was replaced to play during the film’s introduction by R.E.M.’s "It’s the End of the World as We Know It."

5. A promotional segment for the film that aired in Spain set off a War of the Worlds-style panic. The promo featured a popular Spanish news anchor and ran as if there really was an alien attack to occur on July 4.

6. The visual effect of the giant alien ray gun exploding was the least expensive shoot. They simply used the same footage of the Empire State Building explosion — just turned upside down.

7. In the scene where Smith and Goldblum are being chased out of the alien mothership, Goldblum says, "Must go faster, must go faster!" In the film Jurassic Park, when Goldblum is in the back of a jeep being chased by a T-Rex, he says the exact same line.

8. Although only a few made it into the final film, more than 70 mock news broadcasts were created.

9. The role of Captain Jimmy Wilder (Harry Connick, Jr.) was originally cast to Matthew Perry, but his Friends shooting schedule conflicted. Before he backed out, he did add the "Hold me" line and the head on Smith’s shoulder to the script.

10. Several scenes pay homage to other science fiction movies. When Goldblum turns on his computer, the screen says, "Good morning, Dave," a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Plus, the movie being shown in the RV is The Day the Earth Stood Still.

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