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Hostel Part II “Sounds” Scary

Hostel_2_posterSo, Hostel Part II opens next Friday, and we’ll be there despite the squirmery that results from seeing travelers in trouble.  I don’t think sewing a Canadian flag on their backpacks is going to save these girls.

It looks like the time-tested method of covering your eyes during the disturbing parts is going to be flummoxed by the excellent sound-design.  We’re going to hear every gasp and cut.

I had surgery on my neck once, and they gave me a local anesthetic, and I didn’t feel the scissors they used to cut me open, but I could hear the snipping, and that did me in.  I think a few minutes after the theater lights go down, I’m going to be reliving that day on that cold table. 

Director Eli Roth knows who to work with for sound, it seems, since the best part of his Thanksgiving parody trailer in Grindhouse was the weirdly memorably blurpy narration, and if you click here, you’ll encounter a sudden (and loud) aural assault of terror-moans that may just get your cubicle investigated.  Use your ear-buds.

We also hear that in British theaters the trailer for Hostel Part II was purposely played in German. It’s all about the sound. 

Next Friday is going to be a feast for the senses.

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