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Horror Star Bruce Campbell’s Old Spice Video

Monsterfest fave Bruce Campbell is having his best week ever. First, he steals the show as the French maitre’d in Spider-Man 3.  Then, his new directorial effort, My Name Is Bruce, where he plays himself going up against real monsters in a small Oregon town, is having its premiere at this year’s Cinevegas festival.  Now, he’s starring in one of the most-talked about ads in cyberspace, singing Duran-Duran’s immortal classic "Hungry Like the Wolf" for none other than Old Spice.

Click the link to continue and see the video.

When I first heard about Bruce doing Old Spice ads I didn’t quite see the connection.  We all know that Bruce has battled monsters, Deadites, Maniac Cops, and soul-sucking mummies, but he’s not the first guy I think of when you say aftershave.  Yet these spots seem tailor-made for Bruce’s unique brand of snarkiness and self-parody.

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