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This hit not only made Kevin Bacon a star; it also launched a nationwide music craze that helped its soundtrack take the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts.

The Synopsis: Moving to the country has been tough for city kid Ren (Kevin Bacon). His new home–a small Midwestern town–is anti-fun, anti-dance and anti-rock music, a philosophy that’s been reinforced through the efforts of a hellfire preacher (John Lithgow), Enlisting the aid of the preacher’s rebellious daughter (Lori Singer), Bacon decides to teach the local teens (including Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Penn) about the joys of rocking out.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Footloose

1. Footloose wasn’t set in a specific state, to avoid seeming judgmental. For similar reasons, the fictitious locale had a generic name — ‘Bomont.’

2. Sammy Hagar’s "The Girl Gets Around" was written specifically for Footloose. The lyrics were co-written by screenwriter/songwriter Dean Pitchford, who had a hand in writing all of the prominent songs in the movie.

3. To research his role, Kevin Bacon anonymously enrolled at Payson High School. Dressing in character, he was ridiculed by both students and faculty. Bacon: "I was terrified. It was like a day of hell as a high school student."

4. Sarah Jessica Parker replaced her former TV co-star–Square Pegs’ Tracy Nelson–in this role. When Nelson was recast at the 11th hour, second choice Parker had 24 hours to pack her bags and fly to Utah.

5. Director Herbert Ross gave his cast the freedom to improvise minor dialogue. Using the script as a basis, they’d alter phrases to sound more natural.

6. Footloose’s soundtrack, released in 1984, was one of the first to utilize a new music format known as the "CD."

7. Bacon went through two months of training to get in shape for this role. His 6-hour daily regimen consisted of jazz lessons, modern dance lessons, body building and gymnastics.

8. Kevin Bacon’s gymnastic coach/double was Chuck Gaylord, brother of Olympic champion Mitch. Gaylord performed Footloose’s famous dismount, saying, "There’s no way to teach a layman a dismount like that."

9. "We cast the soundtrack like we would cast a movie," said writer Pitchford. "For instance, Kevin Bacon had Kenny Loggins singing his thoughts."  Lori Singer’s inner voice belonged to Bonnie Tyler — the ‘Female Meatloaf.’ Pichford tailored "Holding Out for a Hero" to Tyler’s operatic vocal style.

10. By Hollywood standards, the Footloose company was well-behaved. Still, they were too rowdy for the Mormon citizens of their location (Payson, UT). Stories of drinking and illicit sex got around town, as well as tales of skinny-dipping at the hotel pool. Bacon confirmed the rumors were true, but said misbehaving wasn’t easy–for one thing, alcohol had to be smuggled over the state line.

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