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Jo_wall_capricornI don’t know if you’ve seen the news, but the Northeast is currently covered in rainy rain, and the streets are writhing with those weird half-goat half-fish things. 

Informed watercooler tip: They don’t actually eat cans, they just like the glue that sticks the label to the can!

It’s a great day to skip work and curl up in your bedfurs and sleeping silks with a good movie, like one you’ve never seen, like Dagon.  It’s about a town where it just keeps raining until everyone there turns into a fish-servant to a horrible elder Gefilte God. 

For you, it’s just a movie, but we’re living it, baby.  Join us in servitude!  Or…keep watching Dagon until you get to the deadly mermaid scene!  It will change your life forever.

Stay dry and send towels.

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