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Simple Pleasures

Over the weekend I was riding on a subway, and it  slowed and then it stopped, and I  could see the dim lights they use to sort of light the  tunnel, sort of.  There was graffiti on the wall  saying "hoples".  The fact that it was  misspelled made it scarier, because it makes you think  of brutes.  It makes you think of someone/thing  maybe raised down there to hate the light, and  maybe one of the people he dragged out of a train for  a snack had a little reading primer, and that’s where  he learned to copy the letters.  The train made an  electronic announcement to please be patient, and that  wasn’t very comforting, because what if it was a  malevolent computer intelligence?      

All it took was one little stop and one little word on  the wall and suddenly my mind was creeping all over  the place.  That’s why horror movies work.  They start  with a simple, normal life, like your own (?), and  they go downward and darkward.  Why should reading a  misspelled  word fill me with such terror — I ain’t no  grammar teacher.      

Check out Dark Days.  It’s a doc, but it’s a scary one  about life below…or check out Wolf Creek, a proper  horror film from down under.  I think all of the  people in those movies started out their lives  "normally" too.    This train should be moving shortly.  Please remain  calm. 

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