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News Roundup: The Cleaver Is Coming!

Sopranos fans should get a kick out of this "Behind the Scenes" visit to the set of "The Cleaver", the movie-within-a-show that’s part of this year’s storyline.  The scary thing is that the movie probably could get made.

You know what’s really scary?  Paying $18 to see a movie!  That said, here’s this year’s Tribeca Film Festival Midnights selections.

Javier Bardem, Monica Bellucci, and John Hurt team up for a new sequel to Bram Stoker’s original Dracula from director Ernest Dickerson.  There already been 10,000 other Dracula "sequels", so I guess one more won’t hurt.   

Cool new posters alert!  DaywatchThe StrangersRise: Blood Hunter, starring Lucy Lui!  Tres cool!

Live in the U.K.?  Planning on seeing Grindhouse when it opens June 1?  Think again.  (I guess you can always wait until it shows up on UKMC.)

On a sad note, we mourn the passing of "Monster Mash" and "Monster’s Holiday" singer/songwriter Bobby "Boris" Pickett. 

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