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Monster of the Week: Gamera!

We’ll use our quote of the week to introduce our Monster of the Week, and we’re not fooling around.  You get an HP Lovecraft quote:

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is
fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the

And what could be more unknown than the motives and desires of…The Dread Gamera? 

He’s as enormous as his motives are mysterious, and he eats fire.  He just laps up those flames like they’re
flickering turtlefood pellets, and he looks at you with those sweet rolling turtle eyes and breathes it right back out.

You may know him from such films as: The Giant Monster Gamera and Gamera vs. Giant Monster Giron, but can you ever really know him?

We love our giant monster movies, from the radiation-soaked Japanese icons to the goofy lizards-let-loose-on-Monopoly-boards Roger Corman cranked out to keep a thousand thousand drive-ins in business, but there’s an extra special place in our heart for the soft underbelly of that flying flametongued tortoise-face. 

Why, if I had him for a pet, I’d flip him over and tickle him and whisper, "Who’s my little Galapagos Guts?  It’s you, isn’t it?" and he’d wriggle his enormous legs, and radio towers would fall and seas would boil, and he’d reply, "Yeth!  I am!"  (but it would sound like that crazy static "skrrrawwww" sound that those guys make). He’d make a heck of a soup! 

Bonus!  Monster of the Week Inspired Haiku of the Week!

O’ Terrifying Turtle
You feed on the flame
And are friend to all children

You’re also…our Monster of the Week!

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