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Often called one of the most successful independent films of all time, this little horror gem grossed roughly 200 times what it cost to make, raking in over $65 million at the box office.

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The Synopsis: In a turn guaranteed to terrify babysitters everywhere, John Carpenter’s second major effort (and first stab at the horror genre) not only gave birth to slasher films; it also introduced the world to Jamie Lee Curtis. The progeny of Hollywood royalty—Mom and Dad are none other than Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis—Jamie Lee proved that there was more to her on-screen time than her pedigree. As terrified teen Laurie Strode, Curtis aptly battled serial psychopath Michael Myers, the brainwashed killing machine with a seemingly insatiable blood lust. 

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween

1.    Halloween’s original title was The Babysitter Murders.

2.    John Carpenter’s girlfriend, Debra Hill, wrote the girls’ dialogue and produced the film. 

3.    Horror greats Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were the first choices to play the doctor.

4.    The film was written, prepped and shot in only 10 weeks.

5.    The entire cast and crew helped paint and paper the ‘Myers’ house for the first scene.

6.    Halloween was actually filmed in L.A. (not Illinois) in March–hence, the greenery on the trees. As a result of the spring shooting schedule, the art director had difficulty finding pumpkins and autumn leaves.

7.    ‘Laurie Strode’ was the name of one of John Carpenter’s former girlfriends.

8.    Jamie Lee Curtis pitched in wholeheartedly; she even helped carry equipment.

9.    The trick-or-treaters in the film were the children of cast and crew members.

10.  The character ‘The Shape’ was inspired by Yul Brynner’s indestructible robot cowboy in Westworld.

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