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Basic Instinct

With over-the-top sex appeal and swagger to spare, Basic Instinct outraged special interest groups and enticed early-’90s moviegoers, quickly earning its place as one of the top grossing movies of the decade.
Director Paul Verhoeven breathed life into Joe Eszterhas’s cool erotic
thriller, providing a sultry launching pad for newcomer Sharon Stone.

The Synopsis: Sharon Stone stars as Catherine Trammell, a bisexual mystery writer who is the prime (and occasionally pantyless) suspect in the ice pick murder of a former rock star. Catherine’s unconventional lifestyle doesn’t help to convince anyone of her innocence–nor does her recent bestseller, a work about a rock star murdered with an ice pick. While investigating the case, troubled detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) finds himself ensnared in a steamy affair with Catherine. Could her newest novel–a book about a killer cop who gets involved with the wrong woman–have any hidden meaning?

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Basic Instinct

1.    From idea to script, it took Joe Eszterhas 13 days to write Basic Instinct.

2.    Kim Basinger was Michael Douglas’ first choice for the ‘Catherine Tramell” role, but she was afraid of being typecast.

3.    On the morning he handed the script to his agent, Joe Eszterhas changed its title from “Love Hurts” to Basic Instinct.

4.    On the first day of shooting, Sharon Stone couldn’t “find” her character, and was almost fired.

5.    After 24 hours of frantic bidding by Hollywood studios, the script for Basic Instinct sold for a record-breaking $3 million.

6.    For the interrogation scene, Sharon Stone was deliberately costumed to reference Vertigo femme fatale Kim Novak.

7.    Sharon Stone claims she had no idea that the shot which made her famous would be so explicit. Director Paul Verhoeven claims that Stone handed him her panties just before the shot; he supposedly stuffed them in his jacket pocket.

8.    Former racecar driver Douglas jumped at the chance to do his own stunt driving.

9.    Douglas was proud that, at 48, he didn’t need a body double for his nude scenes.

10.    After shooting the sex scene, Sharon Stone declared, “Everybody in that room knew me better than my gynecologist does.”

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