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Triple F

The gals in the Adventure Department here at AMC are pretty excited about the Iron Man movie currently in production.  And how does that register or ripple into our, more blood-soaked, consciousness you ask?  It’s because speculation runneth rampent and tongues waggeth that the secret villain the tin-suited one fights will be none other than Fin Fang Foom himself!  He Whose Back Scrapes the Sun!


It’s not for no reason men call him The Most Fearful Menace of Them All

Q: Can he breath fire?

A: Like a ginormous Bic flicked by the largest thumb you’ve ever seen!

Q: Can he fly?

A: Like a rocketship wearing a jet pack!

Q: Is he strong?

A: Look at the picture.  That old wooden shed isn’t lifting itself!

He’s a dragon, and dragons mean business, and by business, I mean they pick up mountains and drop them on drunks in metal suits.

So, go cheer for your hungover hero, Adventure Department girls.  We here in Horror are pumping our fists for the dread triple F!

Foom on!

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