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They Call Me Bruce

Chin_musicMatinee idol (to us anyway) Bruce Campbell has got an old fashioned, gold-plated doozy in the works. 

The language of press releases usually reads something like: "Bruce Campell (Army of Darkness) is set to play his greatest and most challenging role…himself!"

The plot involves a town of small-town impressionables who see Campell on a movie set and believe him truly capable of leading them against a Far-Eastern Ancient One.  An easy mistake to make! 

By the way…he’s directing.  (!!!)

I reckon it’s like Galaxy Quest (which no lesser entity than the luminary known as David Mamet recently called a "perfect movie"), but with the addition of a director directing himself to play himself (but not as a director).

That made sense the third time I read it.

My Name is Bruce will be released by Dark Horse Indie in September.   If you can’t wait that long to see him, he is also appearing in next month’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colin Movie Film for Theaters, but animated!  Probably!

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