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The Creature From the Blog Lagoon

Ah, the Creature From the Black Lagoon, how smoothly he swims in that murky lake, how gracefully he abducts the soft and curious, and how little we really know about him.



If you’ve but scratched the surface, you know he walked on the Earth with brawny Ben Chapman in the costume, and when he swam in the depths, ’twas large-lunged Ricou Browning getting the old backlot backzip.

Why, they used to say, “Ben if by land, Ricou if by sea.”

Or they should have.

But, were you to dive deeper, you would learn that the Lagoon itself was scenic Wakulla Springs where they also shot the first Tarzan movie.

If only they had been simultaneous productions. Oh, how would that have been? To think of Tarzan wrestling with the Gill Man. What japes! What savage swirls might they make. And who the victor? Surely the viewer.

Browning, he of the deep breaths, went on to write Flipper.

Oh, how would that have been? To think of Flipper locked in mortal embrace with the Gill Man. What terrible waves would crash on what battle-ravaged shores?

Endless links! Endless possibilities!

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