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Send Your Men of Science Quick!

Invasion_of_the_body_snatchers Scooter posted below about a proposed rem*** of another John Carpenter film, and you may be amused and amazed to hear that a r***ke of Invasion of the Body Snatchers will be in theaters in August

But, wait, you cry, wasn’t that re**de just a few years ago as Body Snatchers starring that guy from that show?

That’s true if by "a few years ago" you mean 1993, but in Rem**eland, that’s an eternity.  Why, there’s been a version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers every couple of decades since the original came out in 1956.  You gotcher Donald Sutherland version in 1978, you gotcher 1993 version, and now The Invasion* starring no lesser entity than the luminary known as Nicole Kidman.  Wait, wasn’t she just in that other ***ake?  Yes.  Yes, she was.

*It was going to be called The Visiting, but then how would we know quickly enough that it was a redo?

Aren’t you supposed to put footnotes at the end of the whole article, and not just the paragraph with the footnote in it?*

Are remak*s a terrible idea?  Not if the idea is fertile enough or adaptable enough to speak to whatever generation of teens is stealing ticketbucks from the mompurse.  And I think Of The (since that’s the only part of the original title yet to be used on its own) has got the formula to capture your imagination and feed into whatever paranoia you’re feeling in whatever time you happen to be in. 

So, keep those remixes coming, but leave John Carpenter alone for Snake’s sake.


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