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News Roundup: Grindhouse Too Violent?

Is Grindhouse too violent to earn an "R" rating?  We certainly hope so!

Remember when we told you last week that Greg McClean’s Rouge was going straight to DVD?  Scratch that.

Tobin Bell confirms he’s returning for Saw IV and V!  That throat wound must have healed up nicely.

Turns out Rider Strong will be returning in Cabin Fever 2.  That flesh-eating virus must have healed up nicely too.

The entertaining German horror comedy Night of the Living Dorks is getting a U.S. remake.  After all, American zombies are much funnier than German zombies (though not as efficient).

Stephen King and Peter Straub’s The Talisman is becoming a TV miniseries and now there’s talk of a regular series as well.  Considering how long this has been in development, we’ll believe it when we see it.

Christopher Fowler’s acclaimed horror novel Spanky is being turned into a movie.  No, it’s not about a demonic little rascal.

The director of The Hills Have Eyes remake is now tackling a remake of Joe Dante’s Pirahna.  And Haute Tension showed such promise…

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