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Monster Pack

MonstersquadposterSo, it’s generally agreed that the best 80’s horrody not to star a Corey was The Monster Squad.  I defy you to name another film where Dracula throws dynamite at a tree house or someone is called "Band-Aid Breath."  It’s scheduled for a special edition DVD release this spring, is retroactively much beloved and runs on Monsters as much as it can.  Not bad for a film this guy calls "The Goonies" vs. the Famous Monsters of Filmland.

But where, I ask you, are all the accolades and snail-mail write in campaigns for it’s animated predecessor, The Drak Pack?

Those kids were ready to go go go, bringing a swinging sixties swagger to the eighty’s Saturday morning party. 

Hotrodding around in their Drakster.  Running hip missions for the Big D.  Oh, baby!  Tell me Drak Jr. isn’t the most, isn’t gear, isn’t the dreamiest.  You are dared!

Here’s the theme! No lyrics!

Bring back the Pack!


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