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Edward Scissorfeet

Why run with scissors, when you can dance!?



There’s billboards and local paper coverage all over the city for Edward Scissorhands – The Musical Dance Interpretation Stage Event, but if you’ve escaped New York, it may have escaped your notice.

You have to check out the Gallery.  Not kidding.  Skip the intro if you must, and click ahead to the Gallery link.

Now, it’s certainly not the first or only movie to be adapted to a musical, and it’s not the only horror-themed musical.  This was both, but was, by all accounts, a glorious, triumphant disaster. 

Edward Scissorhands – The Dancing Musical was the toast of London, however, and is highly anticipated by the guys in the Horror Dept. Could this be the Interpretive Dance version of a horror movie that we’ve been clamoring for?

This came close.

Forbidden secret horror question of the day: Which title from our beloved genre is ripe for the musical dance treatment?  Who next will trod the boards?

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