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Janet Leigh

You may know that Janet Leigh, shower stall star of Psycho, is the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis, and you may know that both have borne the regal title of Scream Queen, but have you ever seen their screams compared? Queen by queen! Side by side! Scream by scream! Behold!


Despite the advantages of color and makeup, the daughter loses. Her Majesty, Lady Leigh, is All Scream. She’s positively Munchian.* Her entire face is Terror.

Little Jamie is almost lockjawed in comparison. It’s a good scream, and she’s also screaming with her eyes (which the inscrutable, scrunched-up slits of Janet do not allow), but there’s something frozen about it, something less than complete.

Maybe it’s the clothes.


So, sorry, Jamie, you give good scream, but the subjects of the Fear Kingdom will think of you as a mere Scream Princess until you let your lungs loose in some future franchise flick.

Two screams enter, one scream leaves. Judgment: Janet.

*Edvard Munch reference! Read a book!

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