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The Top 101 Films of the Millennium

So we’re cheating. For all practical purposes, this is our top 101 of the century. But we buy that millennium hype just like everyone else, so why not just make this yet another millennium list, we thought. Hell, it’s the top 101 of all time!

When you think about it that way, it’s pretty hard to come up with the definitive list of the best movies ever made. Put together, the 11 film critics at haven’t even seen every film ever made. We haven’t even seen a fraction of them.

The hushed truth is that no one who puts together lists like these, not even the American Film Institute has seen them all. And as one of our staffers puts it, most critics lie, anyway. They say their favorite film is L’ Age d’or when it’s really Caddyshack.

We’ve tried not to lie. But telling it like it is is easy. The real challenge in lists like this is comparing the merits of films like Doctor Zhivago and Young Frankenstein. Which is a better film? Who are we to say?

Still, some caveats. For better or worse, we are all young guys, and the list is top-heavy toward the latter half of the century. That said, the top 101 list doesn’t crack the ’90s until #9. I think you’ll find some surprises herein, but nothing too shocking. After all, every film on this list is a classic.

So without further ado, we are extremely proud to present the definitive Top 101 Films of the Millennium, courtesy of

–Christopher Null

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