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Go Inside Benedict Arnold’s New Role as Spyhunter General

The Culper Ring is about to face their biggest threat: a powerful man with something to prove.

After spy communication foiled his plan to destroy the Continental Army, Benedict Arnold is on the warpath to discover the spies who tanked his ambition.

“Now Benedict Arnold has more power than he’s ever had before, and he’s coming after us,” says actress Heather Lind, who plays Anna Strong.

Watch the Cast and Creators Discuss Benedict Arnold’s New Role as Spyhunter General

After defecting to British, Arnold is frantic, according to Owain Yeoman who plays the infamous general.

“…He desperately needs to make a name for himself, because he’s carrying the stigma of the traitor,” says Yeoman. “He needs, more than ever, to succeed in this role and get rid of that tarnish of being America’s greatest traitor.”

Watch the video to learn more about how Arnold is hellbent on the destruction of the Culper Ring.

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