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InStyle Interviews Heather Lind; Ian Kahn on Playing George Washington

This week, InStyle interviews Heather Lind, while Ian Kahn explains what it’s like to play George Washington. Plus, TV Insider has a Season 3 preview. Read on for more:

• Interviewed by InStyle about playing Jake Gyllenhaal’s wife in Demolition, Heather Lind says, “It’s pretty great. Once the sort of sheen wears off that it’s Jake Gyllenhaal, you find out that he is the nicest guy.”

• Ian Kahn tells his hope is to “create a well-rounded figure of this man that can be entertaining for modern audiences but also that historians can look at and say, ‘Yeah, that’s General Washington. That’s the General Washington that I studied.'”

TV Insider posts a clip from Season 3, which promises “more personal and political betrayal, several intense love triangles and the promise of ‘lots of close-quarters combat.'” is a fan of TURN: Washington’s Spies, calling it “a well-acted and stylized period piece. There’s a nice mix of narrative, early espionage incarnations, and historical figures including George Washington and Major John Andre.”

The Corvallis Advocate recommends TURN: Washington’s Spies: “Jamie Bell is a strong and quiet lead who fits the role of a terrified but loyal spy perfectly. The supporting cast is also quite good.”

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