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Burn Gorman Talks to ComicMix; Jamie Bell Impresses in Fantastic Four Trailer

This week, Burn Gorman talks to ComicMix about playing Major Hewlett, while Jamie Bell impresses in the Fantastic Four trailer. Plus, Seth Numrich will appear in a new play. Read on for more:

ComicMix interviews Burn Gorman, who says he’s enjoying playing Major Hewlett “because there are lots of surprises this season and the writers have given me a lot to do. He very much goes outside his comfort zone.”

• After watching the Fantastic Four trailer, MStars is impressed that Jamie Bell plays The Thing, the movie’s muscle, and that “Bell acts like a tough guy, but he’s not so bulked up that he has to prove it.” reports that Seth Numrich has joined the cast of Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait, a play that opens June 9 at New York City’s The Gym at Judson.

• For recaps and reviews of Episode 204, “Men of Blood,” check out Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, TVOvermind

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