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Benedict Arnold Cast for Season 2; Kesnia Solo Joins the TURN: Washington’s Spies Cast

Turn_S1_SP_106_video_325This week, TURN: Washington’s Spies casts Benedict Arnold. Plus, Ksenia Solo joins the cast as a series regular, and Craig Silverstein talks historical accuracy with TV Guide. Read on for more:

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, TURN: Washington’s Spies has cast Owain Yeoman to play Benedict Arnold in Season 2.

• Also according to The Hollywood Reporter, Ksenia Solo has joined the cast as a series regular. Solo will play Peggy Shippen, a Philadelphia urban sophisticate who navigates the complications of her family’s pro-British politics in the Patriot capital.

• Talking to TV Guide about historical accuracy in entertainment, Craig Silverstein says, “I had to go through a process by which, after studying the history, I could step away from it and invent some things.” [No link]

• The Miami Herald checks out the popularity of espionage stories in American popular culture, citing TURN: Washington’s Spies as an example.

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